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nondestructive plastic nose tip

Plastic Surgery.Nondestructive plastic tip of the nose.J. Tebbetts (1994) codified the known types of seams and hidden transplants, as well as suggested actions surgeon algorithm when forming the tip of the nose in accordance with those principles, but without violating the structural continuity of the lower lateral cartilages.The method is based on the use of suture techniques in primary rhinoplasty without the irreversible effects that are typical for conventional methods with the application of the incision, excision, and softening of the cartilage strips.It is known that such cartilage destructive techniques in combination with the effect of unpredictable forces maturing connective tissue lead to irreversible deformations nasal anatomy and functional imminent loss.

nondestructive plastic tip of the nose.When the method of J. Tebbetts (1994) as an opportunity to create the desir

ed configuration of the tip of the nose without the use of so-called "visible" transplants, or grafts "vnakladku" (for Sheen, Peck).This allows you to avoid such problems with grafts as the wrong position, displacement, torsion, visible edges and protrusions, resorption, asymmetry, deformation and atrophy of soft tissues.Non-destructive approach to rhinoplasty allows the integration of a series of techniques in a logical sequence of surgical action in order to maintain the continuity of the structural elements forming the tip of the nose, for its formation to ensure the greatest manageability and predictability of the result.The uniqueness of its system of suture techniques J. Tebbetts (1994) seen in its complete reversibility.J. Tebbetts method is based on the application of sutures on the principle of force vectors and "hidden", is not in contact with skin grafts.The following techniques are performed after endonasal surgery and after performing osteotomies.The following series dot drawings circled marks the spot where the force vector is directed at tightening the seam.The solid arrow shows the direction of the force vector directly.The shaded arrow given transmitted power.The non-shaded arrow indicates the direction of tissue resistance.Algorithm application of nondestructive rhinoplasty procedure is presented in Table 2.

seam between the fixing dome is lower lateral cartilages

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