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Questions to consult a plastic surgeon

What should ask questions in the consultationplastic surgeon whether: • I sleep during the surgery?(Consider the options of general and local anesthesia, intravenous anesthesia. Note that when a general anesthetic, you can sleep, but the sleep depth is different.)

• How many operations you performed in the past year?(The answer to this question is not always carries useful information.)

• How do you eliminate the obvious signs of the postoperative period?(Bring on the consultation list of obvious signs.)

• Can I look at pictures of patients who have had the same surgery?(Do not forget that most doctors will show you pictures of the most successful cases.)

• Can I talk to one of your patients who have had the same surgery?(Do not forget that most doctors will tell only those patients who were satisfied with the result.)

• In some hospitals, you have the right

to perform this operation?(Even if the surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, the doctor must have permission to execute it in the hospital - is a testament to his skill.)

• Where the operation will be carried out: an outpatient or in a hospital?(Consider the benefits of each option.)

• If surgery will last longer than expected, who will pay the additional costs?(If the operation is performed in a hospital, an anesthesiologist operating lease payments and services can be hourly.)

• How to pay a second operation?

Every surgeon has patients in need of repeated surgical intervention.Its probability at various different operations.The number of re-operations for five years after breast augmentation in the whole country is 25%.For facelift or eyelid aesthetic operations - less than 5%.

Repeated surgical intervention is acceptable only in the following cases:

• Initial operation led to the asymmetry, distortion or other problems, and recognized you and the surgeon.These problems can be corrected by re-surgery.

• The initial strain persists as a result of the operation.

In all other cases, a second operation will not solve your problem.

Usually it is delayed for a period of 6 to 12 months, because changes may occur during this time.If the handle is too early, the correction may be excessive.Additionally, many strains do eventually corrected, and further surgery is not required.

Some surgeons charge for a second operation, and this amount can be compared with the cost of the initial transactions.Other doctors, on the other hand, operate free of charge.The third rule of the surgeon's fees, leaving payment for rent and operating services of an anesthesiologist.Before you decide to re-surgery, find out what the surgeon's policy in this regard.Most doctors will offer discounts for a period of 6 to 12 months, after which the patient is fully paid by new operation.

• Pay an observation after the operation?

After aesthetic surgery is necessary to visit a doctor to remove the seams and make sure there are no complications.You do not need to pay for these visits, since they are a necessary part of follow-up.At the end of the year, some surgeons are starting to charge for visits.

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