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Questions plastic surgeon

What you need to ask questions to a plastic surgeon: • Detail Dothe doctor explains each procedure, according to the alternatives, risks and limitations?

• As he describes the period of recovery and post-operative care?

• Does he expressed realistic expectations?

• How detailed answers to your questions?

• soothes you and you feel comfortable?

Can I look at pictures of patients who have had the same surgery?

benefit of patients photos, before and after surgery is clearly exaggerated, as the results achieved by others, can not predict or guarantee the outcome of your surgery.Moreover, most plastic surgeons exhibit pictures the most successful operations, and so many rightly refer to such images as advertising.If you have any suspicions, ask patients shots that were dissatisfied with the results.

Questions plastic surgeon.Pictures before and after


Making pictures before and after surgery - this is a standard practice of plastic surgeons.These photographs capture your appearance before surgery and facilitate the assessment of its results.

surgeon can show you pictures of other patients, who gave permission to do so.In addition, without your consent, it should not show your photos to other patients.

Can I talk to one of your patients who have had the same surgery?

In fact, such a conversation is not always beneficial.In any case, you will be different.For example, you can ask another patient of the postoperative period, but the recovery process each person is different.In addition, women tend to forget, or suppress unpleasant aspects of aesthetic surgery - both during childbirth.

Talking with another patient, do not ask her about the risks and benefits of surgery, because amateur can give you the wrong information.

Probably the most important question that you can get an answer during this conversation - how much is available and attentive was a surgeon.

In some hospitals, you have the right to perform this procedure?

Qualified doctors treated in hospitals for the rights to the operations that they have learned to properly perform.They welcomed the thoroughness of the Credentials Committees and joint medical dissections, because they believe in their skills and quality of work.Doctors with limited training do not go to the hospital on this issue, because they know they will get rejected.If the surgeon explains that the permission to the hospital are not necessary, since the operation is performed in the doctor's office, be careful.

operation will be carried out where, in the office or in the hospital?

If you have a choice, you must consider the following aspects.The cost of renting an operating hospital or private office is about the same.Advantages of the doctor's office - this secrecy, privacy and convenience.But the hospital has all medical specialists, if complications arise suddenly.In addition, the hospital ensures that the joint medical examination allow the surgeon to perform the operation.If you plan a lengthy operation, such as large volume liposuction or contour of the whole body should be preferred hospital and wary if the doctor suggests to perform the procedure on an outpatient basis.In all other cases, you can follow the advice of a doctor.

If the operation will last longer than expected, who will pay the additional costs?

If the surgery is performed in a hospital, the operating lease payment and the anesthetist services can be hourly.The surgeon must evaluate the duration of the operation, and called the approximate its value.If surgery will last longer than expected, after it you can get a bill from the hospital and the anesthetist.As a rule, the aesthetic surgery is taken advance payment, and additional expense can be for you an unpleasant surprise.

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