How to evaluate the competence of a plastic surgeon

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How to evaluate the competence of a plastic surgeon

few tips on how to assess competenceplastic surgeon.During the consultation the plastic surgeon must:

• explain in detail each operation, to inform its alternatives, risks and limitations.

• elaborate on the recovery period.

• Just point, what can and what can not be achieved using this operation.

• Use understandable terminology and to answer questions in detail.

• Reassure you, so you can feel free to discuss all of your anxiety.

If the first plastic surgeon, to whom you have come to the consultation, meets all these requirements, there is no need to look for another.If not, it does not mean that he is a bad doctor, you do not just have reached an understanding.Nevertheless, the surgeon you choose, you will do the operation, and so if you do not feel very comfortable, better to look for another specialist.

How to evaluate the competence of a plastic surgeon.Having a consultation with the surgeon, watch extolling result.If the doctor promises or guarantees excellent results, be careful.In advertising, you can read that liposuction will save you about 1.5 kg of fat, and a face lift will make 20 years younger.Do not succumb to these exaggerated promises - they are just bait to lure you into a particular account, as well as evidence of possible problems with the ethics of a doctor.

Questions to be asked to consult

Here are some important questions that need to be answered at the surgeon during the consultation.

Will I sleep during the surgery?

surgeon will recommend the type of anesthesia, the most appropriate in your case.Do not hesitate to share his doubts with respect to pain relief, discomfort or waking during surgery.This is the usual anxiety, and they should be discussed openly with your surgeon.

How many of these procedures you have performed in the past year?

learning curve is largely dependent on the surgeon and the nature of the operation.Some surgeons acquire necessary skill after just a few operations.Others continue to improve and refine the technique, even if carried out this operation hundreds of times.

answer also depends on the popularity of the surgery.called number must be large for common operations.If you are staying in the new method, do not expect a lot of experience of the surgeon.

As you eliminate the obvious signs of surgery?

Some signs are an indication that you have had plastic surgery.This unnatural physical characteristics that can not be attributed to anything else.For each operation, or they their procedures.In Examples excessively stretched skin after a facelift, unnaturally pale skin after a chemical peel with phenol, and a surprised expression after forehead lift.Some symptoms may be prevented, other - no.The plastic surgeon should strive to avoid such events wherever possible.

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