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American Association of Plastic Surgeons

ABPS or the American Association of Plastic Surgeons takesits ranks only those physicians who have received the certificate ABPS.

Telephone directories

Some doctors do not have any formal training in this area.Telephone directories states do not require the surgeon to call the authority that issued the certificate.Therefore, the doctors referred to in these directories may not have ABPS certification.

Self-styled society

Any doctor can get a certificate from a self-styled societies are not recognized by ABPS and often do not show the certificate to the applicants major requirements.Against the self-styled companies have also been allegations that they have been created solely for the purpose of advertising its members.

Sheila, a freelance writer and mother of three children, she decided to his 45th anniversary to make abdominoplasty.She called a specialist,

whose number is found in the phone book under "plastic surgery".Arriving at the consultation, Sheila learned that the surgeon - general practitioner, who had no experience of operations on abdominal correction.Staff Sheila assured that the doctor "perfect" performs liposuction, pointing to a beautiful framed certificate on the wall, it was reported that the surgeon was a two-day mini-course training.Frustrated and annoyed Sheila left.Deciding that more of this will not happen again, she took up the study of questions and get a list of doctors with certificate of ABPS.In the end, she was pleased with the result of the correction of the abdomen and thigh liposuction.However, looking back, Sheila came to the conclusion that only narrowly escaped trouble.Examples of self-styled

societies that are not recognized ABPS:

• The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons;

• American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery;

• The American Society of Aesthetic Breast Surgery;

• American Society of International standards of aesthetics and plastic facial reconstruction;

• American Society for Laser Surgery;

• American Society of Plastic Aesthetic Surgeons.

These societies impressive name, but according to Joyce D. Nash, author of the book «What Your Doctor Can not tell You About Cosmetic Surgery», «certificate of such organizations, apparently does not mean anything."

In 1989, the US Congress Subcommittee held a hearing on the issue of plastic surgery.The report contained the following conclusion: "Any person and any group can create a society, think of a name and distribute certificates that can be hung on the wall.To date, there were 102 of such society. "Since then, little has changed.In most states there are no laws restricting the establishment of such organizations.

Certified, but inexperienced surgeons

People generally assume that if the doctor performs a surgical procedure, it has the necessary qualifications.This assumption may be true for hospitals, but not for private offices.

Hospitals strive to provide quality service by means of two mechanisms: the rights to operation and joint medical dissections (it is not accepted in Russia - Note scientific ed....).The surgeon gets the right for each operation, which he owns.Hospital Credentials Committee, consisting of doctors, is trying to issue permits for the operation only by qualified specialists.Next, the physician work discussed at a joint analysis of the consulting.If the quality of the surgeon's work is found to be low, it may lose the right to perform this operation in the future.

However, these rules do not apply in the private office.In many states, doctors have the right to carry out any operation, regardless of their qualifications.This made it possible to perform aesthetic surgery by inexperienced surgeons.If your doctor suggests that a particular surgical procedure in his office, make sure that he is allowed to carry him in the hospital, which serves as proof of this qualification of the doctor from his colleagues.However, you must understand that the existence of a right does not guarantee against errors and does not work across the country.

To check your surgeon, ask him the name of the hospital where he or she can perform the operation you need.After that call to the hospital and talk to a representative who will tell you whether the doctor has the right to carry out your transaction.

Accreditation surgical equipment

cabinet in an attempt to regulate the activities of surgeons, many states now require accreditation of surgical equipment the doctor's office and the individual operating units.

If the surgeon offers to perform an operation in an office, ask if his office is accredited for surgical procedures, and if so, what kind of organization.The three major organizations that issue accreditation:

• American Association for Accreditation of equipment for outpatient surgery (AAAASF).

• Association for the accreditation of ambulatory care (AAANS).

• Joint Commission.

In order to receive accreditation, surgical equipment doctor's office must meet stringent requirements with regard to safety, planning, equipment, staff and physicians.Surgeons operating in an accredited operating room, should have the right to perform the same operations in an accredited hospital, where carried out joint medical dissections.

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