How to find a good plastic surgeon

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How to find a good plastic surgeon

few tips on how to find a goodplastic surgeon.Find a qualified plastic surgeon can be difficult.Do not underestimate the complexity of this very important task.

reliable way to solve it - it's a personal recommendation.If a friend was satisfied with the work of the surgeon, it is likely that you too will be satisfied.See also the advice of medical professionals, such as a family doctor or nurse.It should, however, bear in mind that doctors and nurses are often more familiar with the personal and professional qualities are not a plastic surgeon, and based on their recommendations may lie friendly feelings to a colleague.

Many patients of plastic surgeons prefer not to seek advice from others, keeping their intentions secret.The desire to conceal the operations further complicate the task of you.Find

graduate in this case will help the telephone directory or the Internet, bu

t as you'll see shortly, unfair advertising dominates in plastic surgery.

How to find a good plastic surgeon.Certificate Medical Association

American Council for health professionals (ABMS) protects the interests

Success Formula

you want plastic surgery for its own sake or to please others?

How realistic are your expectations regarding the outcome of the operation?

Fully Whether you are aware of the difficulties that await you on the chosen path - a medical risk, physical discomfort during the recovery costs?

you allow internal conflicts?

you see the plastic surgeon your goals, and if he considers them to be realistic?

There are twenty-four official medical association of the United States.Among them, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society of Anesthesiologists, the American Society of Pediatricians and the like. D. Each association is responsible for the certification of only those doctors, education and qualification which allows secure, independent practice in this specialty *.

Many people think that a certificate is proof that the doctor qualified and trustworthy.But surprisingly, in the United States in the field of plastic surgery itself is certified does not mean anything unless it is a certificate issued by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Certificate of the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ABPS)

plastic surgeon who issued ABPS certification, must meet all the following requirements:

• Complete an accredited medical school.

• Complete specialized training (usually from three to five years) in officially approved secondary specialization program.

• Pass a two- or three-year training program for plastic surgery.

• Get the recommendation of the program manager for the ABPS.

• Pass a comprehensive written exam.

• Perform all operations of a detailed list of which is thoroughly checked ABPS.

• To rent a three-day oral exam.

• Comply with the moral and ethical standards established by the ABPS.

* In Russia, for the beginning of work the doctor must have a diploma of higher medical education and the end of the internship or residency.After that, he must get professional certificate which is valid for 5 years.To work on a particular specialty in medicine necessarily required documents certifying training.Certificates may be issued only in medical institutions, with the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the resolution of the Russian Federation.- Approx.scientific.Ed.

Thus, the certificate of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons means a lot, but just a doctor certificate of nothing says.

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