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How to tune in to the plastic surgery

try to figure out how to tune inplastic surgery.Ask mirror

Appearance - inherited and acquired - affects the representation of the person about himself and the relationship with other people.And as long as we use mirrors, the reflection in them will affect the self-esteem.To achieve the best results from cosmetic surgery, you should take a close look in the mirror and identify what you are most concerned about.Never resort to an operation just to please the other person, and do not let others dissuade themselves - except in cases when the surgeon considers the operation impossible or unsafe for health.Whatever it was, but you keep the mirror.

How to tune in to the plastic surgery.Realistic expectations

The main reason for this discrepancy is frustrating results.In some cases, the cause after cosmetic surgery - surgery the patient's expectations, dissatisfaction is n

ot a very good operation, but usually the culprit - high expectations.Mind patients understand that there are certain opportunities abroad, but on an emotional level, refuse to accept this fact.Emotions rise to unrealistic expectations and then disappointment is inevitable.

Do not turn to plastic surgery in the hope that it will change your life.That will not happen.Operation will change your appearance, that can significantly affect the self-esteem, but will not change the relationship with the people, do not help to make friends or to return the deceased husband.

If you think that's about it, consciously or unconsciously, the result of aesthetic surgery will almost certainly be dissatisfied.In this case, instead of the operation is best to try to honestly admit their high expectations and address the real issues.

How to tune in to the plastic surgery.Computer image

Computer technology allows the plastic surgeon to manipulate the image of the patient to demonstrate the intended effect of the operation.At first glance this is a useful feature as it helps to make the right decision.However, the computer image may be misleading and cause false expectations.It will show an ideal, rather than the standard result of the operation.Moreover, even if you are warned that the actual results may differ from those obtained by computer photography, you probably believe your eyes than the ears, and your decision will determine the emotions rather than logic.It is better to be cautious and not to look at a computer image before you decide on the operation.


You may have noticed that the photos are not very similar to themselves.This is because you used to see your image in the mirror, not in the picture.Unlike a mirror, a picture conveys the true image.The difference in the images caused by asymmetry.

asymmetrically not only the face, but the human body.Due to the fact that the asymmetry may affect your perception of the final result, the surgeon will most likely point to it in advance.

recognizes the difficulties

Anyone who is seriously thinking about plastic surgery, should be fully aware of the difficulties associated with it.It is the financial cost, the inconvenience of communication, etc.

resolve internal conflict

In some women, the main source of internal conflict - a sense of guilt.Such women are accustomed to give to her family, putting their own interests last.The habit of thinking of others first become an integral part of their lifestyle.Predictably, they confuse plastic surgery - they believe that the act selfishly.Perhaps these women feel guilty because they spend money on themselves, and because the recovery period they will need attention and patience of family and friends.This happens even with the full support of the family.Guilt can cause mild depression after plastic surgery.

If plastic surgery makes you feel guilty, it is better to solve this problem before the surgery.

Another potential source of conflict is to respect other people who may consider plastic surgery vanity or stupidity: they usually do not intend to resort to such operations and, unfortunately, are trying to convey to you their negative attitude towards them.It is best not to discuss this topic with the proponents of such views.

And the last source of possible conflict - a spouse, whose intentions may be very good.Some husbands believe that support his wife, saying: "I like you, and such."In fact this is a false support, able to provoke internal conflict.In fact, a woman perceives these differently: "Your concern about their appearance stupid or unreasonable."If you really want to support a spouse, you need to

Elmira, 73-year-old retired teacher, knew that her 97-year-old mother did not approve of its intention to do a facelift.She was so worried that without telling us your home phone - afraid that the phone will remove the mother and learns that Elmira visited a plastic surgeon.She took a lift and was able to keep it secret from his mother.In the end, so it turned out better for both women.His mother found out about the operation done, but Elmira was ready to confess."It's easier to apologize than ask for permission," - she said.It is necessary to say something like: "I love you for who you are and will love you so what you will be after surgery.Do as you see fit. "

The lack of "success formula" of at least one ingredient increases the likelihood of disappointment.But if you can confidently answer all the questions below, you likely will be satisfied with the result of aesthetic surgery.

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