Advantages of the lower leg base

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advantages of lower base feet

Plastic Surgery.Advantages of the lower leg base.Today, the benefits of the lower legs of the base are a direct confirmation of the greatest concentration of direct perforating in SFS seam zone with deep fascia forming the proper groove CMC.Plasticity (length, mobility) based on glandular flap in CMC zone carrying SAK at its top, is not reduced and its reliability significantly increased perfusion using Schwarzmann maneuver.Expanding the base of the pyramid, N. G. Georgiade et al.(1979) sought to increase leg length of 30 cm, which made it possible to move supplies the NAO at gigantomastia.We must remember, however, that the mass of the pyramid is very significant, which limits the amount of the reduction, so Toreka operation, it seems to us, is more suitable for large-scale is RM.By the 80s a number of surgeons, in addition to those already mentioned, have declared the authorship (co-a

uthorship) on the lower leg of the pyramid, and in the XXI century entered technique as a method for selecting transport SAK at PM, and in the US and the UK - even for mastopexy.Recall that the closest it is the prototype of a clumsy two-stage operation J. Joseph (1925, 1927).This progenitor of modern rhinoplasty operated first one breast, and after a while another.So the number of operations could reach four - truly difficult to see the genetic relationship with the modern Republic of Moldova, which occupies in the capable hands of 1.5 - 2 hours.

advantages of lower leg base.High ductility lower glandular stem is ensured by optimal perfusion through its base

Deepidermizirovanny dermoglandulyarny flap on the lower base - lower leg pyramidal SAH.The figures show the dimensions of the legs in centimeters (1331

orientation really does not matter if the leg is short, t. E. Distance transport NAO small. It is known that the perfusion ability subcutaneous plexus symmetrical across the CAA circumference, which perfused as a normal polnosloyny flap with a random blood supply. But the longer the leg, the more in need of the flap axial blood supply. to flap length could significantly exceed the width of its base, this base should join powerful vessels. since the. concentration of direct perforating maximum in most areas SFS seam with deep fascia, the long legs of the most reliable on the medial or lower basis or in combination.

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