Options legs nipple-areola complex

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Options legs nipple-areola complex

Plastic Surgery.Options legs nipple-areola complex.Analysis of the three approaches - the main stages of development of aesthetic mammoplasty (EM) - attached to one of the four universal tasks of the operation (see "Defining the aesthetic mammoplasty" section.), Namely Transport SAH.Not surprisingly, after all, are critical to solving this problem subtleties angioarchitectonics MF.Progress EM was defined as the time deepening in these subtleties.Below, we consider the solution of the other three tasks, but start with the "inventory" of the known variants of the NAO legs.

«primitive» variant - Thorek operation or free dermepenthesis SAH without legs.Despite the fact that it was preceded by the first version and Lexer operation, when he left the reduced breast without SAH does today have meaning only those options that solve the four required tasks, including the task of transp

ort SAH.

Options legs nipple-areola complex.Despite the difference in surgery Lexer - Kraske approach to techniques Leg 2 have one and the same - of breast parenchyma, are not separated from the fascia.High risk of ischemia NAO peculiar approach 2, brought to life the two-stage versions.Their important feature - the desire (intuitive?) Is not separated from the SAC "cover" legs.That's what had to pay a two-stage - delayed resection of the entire leg, waiting for engraftment NAO to the skin in a new place in two months.With a slight movement of the unit can be used polnosloynogo tissue throughout the breast as the legs and in one step.Yet the task of transport SAK - this shift it (in the cranial direction) with respect to the skin surrounding it, so separation from SAC necessary in EM.This ignores the need for cancer so-called "savings resection," why are inadequate and the results of their aesthetic.

the sake of historical truth must be said that the operation F. Kohn and J. Dalrymple (1967) follows the method of the lower legs glandular G. Axhausen (1926).

Moving SAC using as legs all glandular tissue remaining after resection

scheme Axhausen transfer NAO on the lower glandular stem: A - complete separation of "cover" up through the horizontal section of the CAA;B - the second cut at CMC outlines skin fragment removed from the bottom.Resection cranial parenchyma;B - lower skin is removed, and the top "cover" made a hole in a closed transposition SAC;Mr. remaining lower part of the gland with SAH moved up and fixed to the pectoral fascia

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