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Plastic Surgery Rauer and Michelson

consider.what does plastic surgery Rauer and Michelson.Among Soviet Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons during the Second World War, the good results in the elimination of damage as a result of war injuries made Alexander E. Rauer (1871 - 1948), one of the founders of Maxillofacial Surgery of the Soviet period, the organizer of specialized department on the basis of CITO.AE Rauer widely developed povoe direction in reconstructive surgery of the face.He demanded pre-planning each plastic surgery.In 1930 he proposed an original method of stitching the rear handles in the deformation of the soft palate.In 1934 AE Rauer informed about new methods of larynx plastics substantiated method of forming a shoulder-thoracic graft to restore the chin.An interesting fact is that in order to spread knowledge on maxillofacial surgery AE Rauer used the movie, he wrote the script, directed th

e shootings, was in the role of the artist.Under his leadership, shot 5 films titled "The jaw surgery."At the initiative of A. E. Rauer first Conference on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery was created.Literary Heritage AE Rauer up 85 scientific works, including a number of major monographs on military trauma face, as well as plastic soft tissues and bone grafting.

Plastic Surgery Rauer and Michelson.One of the students AE Rauer, who worked under his supervision in the clinic and who have made a great contribution to the development of oral and maxillofacial surgery, was Nicholas M. Michelson (1883 - 1963).Professor NM Michelson in 1948 but in 1962 he headed the department of maxillofacial surgery TSOLIU doctors.In his doctoral dissertation and monograph "The use of cadaveric cartilage in clinic" (1946) NM Michelson summed up the experience of free allogenic transplantation of cartilage, thereby surgeons have received for replacement of hard tissue defects available material, is easily treatable.Development of methods of plastic surgery of the maxillofacial region was particularly relevant in the post-war years, as many of the wounded were in need of complex recovery operations on the face.Great experience in the clinic, was generalized NM Michelson and AE Rauer Guide "plastic surgery on his face," published in two editions (1943, 1946).For this book in 1946, the USSR State Prize was awarded to the authors.

NM Michelson made the first language of the recovery operation after his injury with a complete separation, using Filatov stem.It was possible to restore not only the size and shape of the language, but also its function.The application of stem Filatov devoted to a book written by NM with Michelson Sheftel MP (1951).NM Michelson suggested mioplastiku damaged by transplanting lips of the other muscles of the lips, how to restore the ears, eye century bed.Do not lose relevance and the monograph "The damage of the face and jaws, and their treatment" (1956) and a number of articles on the subject, which deals with the treatment of granulating wounds, primary skin plasty, free grafting skin flaps, means the power of patients and oral health care inpostoperatively.Much attention is paid NM Michelson treatment of scars, scar deformity prirotovoy field, plastic facial muscles.He proposed a new method of reposition chronic dislocation of the articular heads of the lower jaw.Several of his works devoted to the treatment of patients with congenital anomalies and neoplasms - hemangioma, cleft lip and palate, hypoplasia of the ear.

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