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Plastic Surgery Bogoras

Consider how important plastic surgery Bogoras.Name of the outstanding plastic surgeon Nicholas A. Bogoras (1874 - 1952) is known in our country and abroad.

Bogoras Nikolai Andreyevich (1874 - 1952)

Bogoras Plastic Surgery.NA Bogoras - is Russia's first surgeon, transplant the human thyroid gland on the top of the thyroid artery and pituitary with a portion of the internal carotid artery (in the experiment).In 1912, they successfully carried out the transplant operation the upper mesenteric vein into the inferior vena a woman 27 years old with cirrhosis.Subsequently, this operation is repeated several times and it became known as Operation NA Bogoras.In the same year he published an article "On the anastomosis the arteries and veins with gangrene of the limbs", which has not lost its value today.During the First World War, NA Bogoras collect and analyze materials for military surgery, and then

published "Vascular injury in war injuries."Most fame came to NA Bogoras after the publication of their work in 1930, "On the replantation of upper limb neurovascular relationships."This operation, as developed by him in 1913, lower extremity replantation, was used in the radical removal of malignant tumors of extremities.That NA Bogoras priority in our country in the introduction in 1913 of the term "replantation".However, it should be noted that in accordance with the definition of the term "replantation" given by the Committee on replantation of the International Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery (1979), the operation developed NA Bogoras in cancer patients, can not be attributed to the replantation, because the connection between the distaland the proximal segment provides through the stored main neurovascular bundle.After these operations, the patients remained, albeit with a shorter, but his limbs.World famous NA Bogoras received after abdominal tissue used for the reconstruction of the penis in 1936.His technique was a 5-stage operation, which included the creation of a round stalk Filatov leather anterolateral surface of the stomach, which is implanted in the cartilage plate, followed by the movement of the stem and the formation neouretry of the scrotal skin.One of his last works was published in 1948, the two-volume book "Reconstructive surgery", which combined all the great experience NA Bogoras.Work NA Bogoras praised Professor VP Filatov at a meeting evacuated to Central Asia during World War II.

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