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Plastic Surgery Pirogov

Consider how important plastic surgery Pirogov.In Russia in the XIX century, plastic surgery involved EM Pelican (father), PA Dubovitsky, VA Karavaev, NI Pirogov and YK Szymanowski.

work of the great Russian surgeon Nikolai Pirogov (1810 - 1881) was laid anatomical basis for the development of surgery in Russia.NI Pirogov was an innovator in the field of reconstructive surgery, as well as the founder of Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery of the foot.

Nikolai Pirogov Portrait (1810 - 1881) works by Ilya Repin (1881)

Plastic Surgery Pirogov.Origin and development of Russia's skin facial plastics, especially plastic nose, are also associated with the name of II.Pirogov.Depending on the nature and location of the defects of the nose NI Pirogov produced 5 rhinoplasty options: podshivanie accidentally cut off the nose, the recovery of its individual parts (wings, partitions), correction of the form,

the restoration of the missing nose, etc. It is known, for example, N. AND operation.. Pirogov on the nose lengthening.In total rhinoplasty he used the original form of the flap from the forehead, has developed a "sequential movement flaps" system, "the formation of the arch", "methods of education of the nose" and others. Unfortunately, the description of such transactions have not been preserved.

As a professor of the Medical Academy in St. Petersburg, his trial lecture he devoted little-known then on "About plastic surgery in general, and rhinoplasty in particular" (1835).In a lecture in detail the history of plastic surgery, rhinoplasty in particular, generalized his own experience in rhinoplasty Indian way.The lecture was followed by a demonstration of the basic stages of the operation on a mannequin of gutta-percha.According to PA Belogorodskaya, contemporary Pirogov, only for the period from 1836 to 1856, he made more than 35 complete and partial operations rhinoplasty.For those times, this figure is indicative of a large surgical activity.theoretical foundations were given plastic surgery, certain provisions of which are in tune with modern ideas.According to Nikolai Pirogov, with all plastic surgery to avoid tissue tension, sew not only skin, but also deeply lying tissue and subcutaneous fat.In the case of soft tissue injuries on his head and on his face he achieved the primary healing of the wound, pulling the edges of the wound sticky tape.Recycled plastic Nikolai recommended making after healing of the wound granulation.

Matching wounds, NI Pirogov used Carlsbad pins and interrupted sutures.He developed a series of rules of their application during surgery.After removing the pins and stitches bandage with silver nitrate solution.This allowed us to avoid doasepticheskuyu era of inflammatory complications.

NI Pirogov often presented reports showing patients before surgery.At a meeting of the society of physicians in Petersburg Pirogov made, for example, the report "Fifteenth rhinoplasty surgery in 18-year-old scrofulous young man."He demonstrated to doctors and patients with nasal defect operated on the Indian way, and later reported the results of re-rhinoplasty in this patient due to imperforate nostrils, thus confirming the special complexity of rhinoplasty in such patients.

NI Pirogov made a certain contribution to the oncology maxillofacial region, producing surgical treatment of congenital facial defects.Already in his first works, "Annals of the surgical department of the University Hospital" in Dorpat (1837 - 1839) he described the individual operations, for example, about the cancer of the upper jaw, after excision of the primary of which was made of plastic skin, taken from the neck and forehead.It was also reported they produced extensive surgery for hemangioma neck and neck in an infant.

Especially a lot of NI Pirogov operated patients with cancer of the lower lip, depending on the prevalence of the process using different variants of the primary cheiloplasty.For example, in cancer, exciting the entire lip, he used plastic skin flaps pedicled on the neck.They described the original plastic surgery lip chin skin with 2 semilunar incisions.In cancer of the lower lip for primary plastics, he also used the cheek tissue.It is in operation on the primary plastic after removing facial tumors NI Pirogov first used general anesthesia with ether as intrarectal anesthetic.

NI Pirogov produced and surgical treatment of congenital malformations of the face, giving preference to operations in early childhood (4 weeks).Through experiments, the anatomical study and rich practical activities Pirogov facial plastic surgery has been put on a scientific basis.

noteworthy that his first plastic surgery NI Pirogov performed, returning from a long-term training in Germany, where he worked with the founders of modern plastic surgery C. F. von Graefe, J. F. Dieffenbach and B. Langenbeck.

One of the followers Pirogov should name another founder of the Russian Plastic Surgery Yulia Karlovic Szymanowski (1829 - 1868), author of the famous book-atlas "The operations on the surface of the human body", published in 1867, where he summed up the experience of different surgeonscountries for recovery operations on the face.In 1865, K. Yu Szymanowski first attempt to restore the skin of the nasal septum, using for this purpose the central department of the skin of the upper lip.

Yuliy Karlovich Szymanowski (1829 - 1868)

Scraps described YK Szymanowski for the reconstruction of the chin in his book "Operations on the surface of the human body»

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